A lifetime of constant exposure to the sun, along with the effects of gravity can lead to ageing, especially in areas often left exposed to the elements, such as the neck and face. Common signs of ageing in the neck area are loss of structure, neck thickening, band-like neck muscles and sagging skin. Only plastic surgery can resolve these issues, and thankfully, Harley St Aesthetics' award-winning plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer has brought his renowned face and neck procedures to Dubai!

A necklift cosmetic procedure can tackle the tell-tale signs of ageing in the neck area, leaving you with a younger, healthier-looking appearance. Performed under sedation or general anaesthesia, a necklift procedure involves making an incision around the earlobes behind both ears, undermining the neck skin and exposing the flat neck muscle. Next, the neck muscle is undermined to the middle of the neck from both sides and tightened, before being held in place by dissolvable, internal stitches. 

Dr Kremer ensures that during the procedure the neck muscle is moved to create the desired swan-like appearance, while the tension-free skin is also draped over the re-shaped neck and jawline, and then lifted upwards behind the ears. This two-step approach means the angles of the mouth aren't pulled or stretched to the side, leaving a very natural, youthful appearance.

Still need convincing? Dr Kremer's famous necklift procedure was voted the World's Best by W Magazine!

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