Dr Kremer is a renowned plastic surgeon and his Turn-Back-Time (TBT) Facelift is not only groundbreaking, but also award-winning having been voted the UK's No.1 for Facelift, Eyelift and Necklift. Dr Dirk Kremer's facelift procedure is his most requested cosmetic procedure and improves the appearance of the face, jaw and neckline by tightening the skin and facial muscle in conjunction with fat removal where necessary. The facial fat is pulled to the side of the face and attached behind the earlobes before any excess skin is then removed.

The conventional SMAS facelift is still commonly offered by plastic surgeons around the world, along with the short scar facelift, but both forms can leave the face looking stretched. Not with Dr Kremer's Turn-Back-Time (TBT) Facelift which offers the same great results but without the stretched after look.

Dr Kremer Signature Turn-Back-Time Facelift takes the best bits from conventional facelift procedures and builds upon them, adding his own perspective. Unlike conventional procedures, the TBT Facelift doesn't remove any fat, rather it's collected and re-positioned around the cheeks to restore your youthful appearance. In addition, the skin is pulled upwards instead of sideways which helps to eliminate nose to mouth folds in the majority of cases, while the jawline is left smooth and the cheeks bold and vibrant.

The Turn-Back-Time Facelift is perfect for men and women of all ages and scars are minimal, leaving your face looking fresh, youthful and rejuvenated! It's so discreet that your friends and family won't even notice that you've undergone surgery!

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