As we age, it is natural for our eyelids to slowly droop as the membrane retaining the cushioning fats in the orbital rim starts to weaken, which gives our eyes a puffy, constantly tired-like expression. Thankfully, award-winning plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer from Harley St Aesthetics has developed a Signature Turn-Back-Time Eyelift (TBT) procedure to combat tired eyes, which he is now offering to patients in Dubai.

Unlike conventional eyelift procedures which involve removing misplaced fat and cutting through the membrane, Dr Kremer's TBT Eyelift tightens the membrane, forcing the misplaced fat back into the orbital rim. The Turn-Back-Time Eyelift is less invasive compared to a standard eyelift procedure as the cuts aren't as deep and scars are will hidden under the natural eyelid crease.

A standard eyelift procedure will deliver predictable results and will remove hooded eyelids and will freshen up the eyes, but recovery can take longer, while scars are often more visible and dry eyes can be permanent if the lacrimal glands are compromised in anyway. Dr Kremer Signature TBT Eyelift is groundbreaking in that it leaves virtually no bruising or scarring, while there is no risk to the lacrimal gland. What's more, the recovery time is vastly improved at just 4 days, and the eyelid hollowing often associated with more traditional methods is avoided through the eyes' natural padding.

Need more convincing? Dr Kremer's Turn-Back-Time Eyelift was named as the UK's No.1 for Eyelift by the National Geographic Traveler! 

If you're interested in Dr Kremer's TBT Eyelift, please visit our contact page to book a consultation, ask questions and find out more about the award-winning procedure.


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