Meet Dr Dirk Kremer

As a specialist German Board Certified plastic surgeon with global experience, Dr Dirk Kremer is now one of the most experienced, approachable and progressive plastic surgeons in Dubai.

Experience across the world

After beginning his initial medical studies in Munich, Germany, Dr Dirk Kremer moved to New York in 1994 to continue his medical studies at the Mount Sinai Medical School. He then attended the University of California in San Diego in 1995, before returning to Munich in 1996 to complete his studies at Germany's leading teaching hospital, the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, where he began training to become a cosmetic surgeon.

After receiving his board certification in 2003, Dr Kremer completed a residency in the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Teaching Hospital of Technical University in Munich, before once again returning to the United States of America to study with some of Los Angeles' most renowned plastic surgeons, completing a fellowship in facial cosmetic surgery in 2005. It was during his time in Los Angeles that Dr Kremer honed and perfected his Signature cosmetic procedures.

Following a successful spell in the USA, Dr Kremer returned to Munich and opened a state-of-the-art plastic surgery practice, where he developed his reputation as one of Europe's most advanced plastic surgeons.

Dr Kremer moved his practice to London in 2009, which would become Harley St Aesthetics. His time in London has been, and continues to be very successful, and his experience has since been featured in media across the world. Including magazines such as W Magazine, Tatler, National Geographic, Times magazine, Glamour and more. He's also been featured in many UK newspapers and UK TV shows such as Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies and was regular guest as the resident plastic surgeon of ITV's The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai

In 2014 Dr Kremer started regular working visits to Dubai where he managed to build up a reputable cosmetic surgery practice with national and international patients who flew to Dubai to consult him.

Dr Kremer now continues to perform cosmetic surgery from his Harley St office, but splits his time between the UK and Dubai, where he continues to build his reputation as a very talented, skilled and caring cosmetic surgeon.

Caring and personal

During his career, Dr Kremer has always promoted the importance of being down to earth and approachable, and these attitudes have enabled him to build a reputation as a caring, friendly and non-judgmental doctor. Dr Kremer is a very passionate plastic surgeon and is always looking to improve his procedures to ensure his patients only receive the best results and level of care. This can easily be seen in the overwhelmingly positive responses he gets from his patients, both through online review portals and hand-written testimonials.

Dr Kremer knows how nervous patients can be when choosing a cosmetic surgery procedure, especially if the patient isn't familiar with the process or the expected outcomes. With that in mind, Dr Dirk Kremer always meets patients in person to discuss issues, questions and to help patients decide what's best for them; he never rushes patients into making decisions, and will always advise patients on the best course of action, even if that means having no cosmetic surgery at all. Dr Kremer has always made the well-being and happiness of his patients the most important factor, and will always ensure his patients are happy and completely comfortable when making a decision.

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