Breast augmentation advice for female surfers

09 November 2018

Female surfer lying on surfboard on calm sea with golden skyDubai is now recognised as a place with fantastic conditions for those keen on the idea of learning to surf. As people head down to Sunset Beach to catch some waves, it got me thinking about cosmetic surgery and how active female surfers may worry about knowing when the time is right to return to the ocean following a breast augmentation procedure.

Surfing, along with most other water sports, is a very challenging activity that involves a lot of paddling, push-ups and energetic manoeuvres. Surfers are constantly making user of their upper torso to catch the wave and remain well-balanced.

Female surfers who opt for breast augmentation surgery are sure to be concerned about how long they will be kept away from the action during recovery, as well as wonder what other recommendations are involved.

Recommendations before breast augmentation

If you’re ready to explore breast implants, you first need to find a reputable board-certified plastic surgeon so that you can discuss the details of the procedure with an experienced professional and come up with a plan of action that is unique to you as an individual.

This will ensure that your safety and quality of procedure is in the best hands possible and allow you to receive the best advice and select the most functional option for you.

Different plastic surgeons will offer a range of different implants, such as retropectoral, saline filled implants, high-cohesive silicone implants and polyurethane covered implants. Some are more popular than others in different parts of the world, and the implant selection will affect your recovery time - so these are things an avid surfer will want to bear in mind. The way the procedure is conducted is also likely to differ between plastic surgeons.

For example, breast augmentation is a speciality of mine, and one of the most popular surgeries chosen by my patients is my signature split muscle breast augmentation, which is a technique I learnt in Los Angeles and then perfected in Munich.

Recommendations following breast augmentation

First things first, if you have undergone a breast augmentation procedure, rest assured that the time will arrive when it’s perfectly safe for you to continue surfing and catching waves. All implants have a high resistance to impact, pressure and activity.

With that said, it is still vital that you keep in mind that for the best aesthetic result and highest level of healing plenty of rest is still required, with a carefully planned progressive return to exercise and activity.

Extended walking is generally possible following the first week-or-so of surgery, and if you’re feeling up to it, the beach would be the perfect location for this to help you get plenty of fresh air and sunshine at the same time. You just need to ensure your upper body is well protected as healing is still very much in progress.

After the first month you should be able to begin exercising your arms and torso. Yoga, calisthenic exercise, and light weightlifting is encouraged. Just be aware of how your body feels and track slow progress, such as backing off if you feel any signs of pain.

The second and third months following a breast augmentation procedure signal the time for you to regain the strength in your upper body and prepare yourself for the rigours of surfing.

After this, you should be fit and ready to once again hit Sunset Beach and enjoy the waves with a sports bra to keep your breasts adjusted and tight underneath your suit. Take it easy at first and enjoy the gentle swell in calmer waters so that you can regain the confidence in your surfing in much the same way the procedure will have increased your confidence in your physical appearance.

If you’re keen to learn more about the breast augmentation procedure, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. I make regular working trips to Dubai where I perform a range of cosmetic surgical procedures within the Shamma Clinic, just behind Jumeirah Plaza.


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