Saudi Arabians flock to Dubai for plastic surgery

15 February 2019

Face with desirable featuresArguably the most desired look among women in the Middle East consists of long dark hair, plump lips and a slim hour glass figure. With the cosmetic surgery industry booming in the Arab world largely due to social media trends, its no wonder middle eastern women are flocking to undergo their desired procedures - and it appears Saudi Arabian women are at the front of the queue.

Whether it's in Beverly Hills, Europe, or right here in Dubai, many top plastic surgeons around the world seem to agree that Saudi Arabia currently represents one of the biggest client bases.

Middle Eastern patients are up to date with latest cosmetic trends

Many cosmetic surgery procedures such as lip fillers and Botox can now be performed in a matter of minutes during a lunch break, and it appears Instagram models and aesthetic trends from across the world are keenly tracked in the Middle East. The make-up and beauty industry is thriving here and has always been highly popular, particularly among young Arabian women, but it's those in their 30's and above that are more likely to seek out procedures - be it surgical or non-surgical.

That's not to say that young Arabian women aren't undergoing cosmetic procedures as well, because they are - with non-invasive treatments that are quick to perform proving increasingly popular.

Dubai is among the most popular destinations in the Middle East for cosmetic surgery, and now that we know neighbouring Saudi Arabians are seeking cosmetic surgery in huge numbers, it should come as no surprise to see many of them opt for a simple visit into Dubai for their top-quality cosmetic enhancements. In fact, Dubai receives a high number of patients from right across the Middle Eastern region.

Western procedures are just as popular in Arabian countries

The plastic surgery procedures that are popular in the Western world are the same procedures that are most sought after by patients here in the Middle East, and it's not just the women. Whether it's liposuction, a facelift, or a tummy tuck, men in Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East are also keen to enhance their aesthetic appearance through plastic surgery.

This is all largely down to plastic surgery being more socially acceptable than ever before, and Dubai now boasts the highest number of plastic surgeons in the world per capita. There is no longer such a stigma between plastic surgery and religion among many Arabians, and instead we now see the Middle East welcoming cosmetic surgeries in a big way - and it appears Saudi Arabians are at the forefront of any cosmetic surgery trends and developing procedures.

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