7 tips to choosing the right plastic surgeon in Dubai

01 February 2019

Plastic surgeon with surgical outfit, mask and glovesMany of us have imperfections or birth defects that effect our self-confidence and make us feel uncomfortable in social situations. Plastic surgery can prove a fantastic choice for making minor and major adjustments to our physical appearance, and this can help boost our self-esteem and restore lost confidence - which in turn can increase happiness.

Plastic surgery has increased exponentially across the world, Dubai included, and many procedures are now considered 'minor' cosmetic surgeries that take just a few hours and have quicker recovery times. Of course, there are still the 'major' cosmetic surgeries, and both can still involve complications - but ensuring you keep these risks to a minimum is exactly what I'll address with these 7 tips to choosing the right plastic surgeon in Dubai.

1. Research their experience and certification

First and foremost, check their experience and that they are a reputable plastic surgeon with a wealth of knowledge in the actual cosmetic procedure you're interested in. You'll want to make sure your plastic surgeon is also board certified, and do some research on their training and qualifications.

2. Time spent as a plastic surgeon

This ties in with their experience, as hands-on years in the industry is the only way to gain invaluable experience. With that said, make sure your plastic surgeon has also advanced with the times and kept themselves up-to-date with the latest procedures and technology that is used. You don't want your plastic surgeon entirely stuck in the past!

3. Check patient satisfaction

You should be able to find plenty of reviews and testimonials online from previous patients, so make sure that they are positive. Real Self is a great website that is perfect for this, and it's also a great way to directly interact with plastic surgeons by asking questions, so you can read the responses that plastic surgeons provide as well as check out their reviews. Also, ask to view previous examples of their work so that you can be happy with the quality of the final results.

4. Find out about their reputation

Your plastic surgeon of choice should have a strong reputation within the industry and the very best will attract patients from all over the world.

5. Post-op care

What sort of aftercare does your plastic surgeon offer? Make sure a standard post-op aftercare procedure is in place to ensure you're not suffering from too much pain, that healing is going well and so that you can be both monitored and educated about the progression of your recovery.

6. Use of latest equipment

Equipment and technology in the industry is constantly evolving and improving, so make sure your plastic surgeon is fully equipped with the latest equipment on offer. Combined with their expertise and skill, this should help towards achieving the best result possible.

7. A suitable personality

Your consultation and initial meetings should mean you're able to decide if a plastic surgeon has the right personality and attributes to offer you a safe and attentive experience. Patience, good communication skills, professionalism and honesty are all vital that you'll want to see so that you can be put at ease and have your questions answered in the right way. You'll also want to feel as though your plastic surgeon is easily approachable.

There are plenty of other things that can help you with choosing the right plastic surgeon, but hopefully these 7 tips will help you on your way. If you're keen to discuss more about the plastic surgery operations that I offer from within the Shamma Clinic here in Dubai, then don't hesitate to get in touch. Simply fill in the convenient online contact form.


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