Young women opting for cosmetic surgery to disguise ethnicity

12 October 2018

Face painted bright coloursCosmetic surgery clinics across Dubai and the UAE are busy with patients of both genders and of all ages. Many of these patients have what they deem to be an aesthetic inadequacy that they are eagerly waiting to get fixed. Procedures include popular choices like breast augmentation, an eyelift, a necklift or a tummy tuck.

Among these patients are an increasing number of young women who are choosing to undergo plastic surgery to physically change their facial appearance and to disguise their ethnicity, and this is a worrying trend that many plastic surgeons have experienced. When the driving factor for these women is questioned, they generally say it’s because they do not like their own ethical appearance, and instead want to make the changes they feel necessary to look beautiful.

Worrying trend as young women conform to ideals of beauty

Beautiful to most of these women means big, bold eyes and a larger nose, and this means these women require huge facial alterations. From cutting away skin above the eyes to altering the shape and size of the nose, women are keen to do whatever it takes to make the physical changes necessary that will make them feel more secure about the person that they are. This trend is worrying to me as I am an advocate of individual beauty that is unique to each of us, but unfortunately this trend does exist and is far more common than you may think.

Just a decade or so ago, most people across the UAE were very sceptical about plastic surgery. They were worried about complications that lasers might have produced, and many felt that cosmetic surgery was a drastic measure that took things too far. Today, for many, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Influenced by the famous

Many of these young female patients are influenced by the actresses that they watch on satellite television and see gaining attention on social media. They want to look just like the stars they see on the screen.

Concerns are being raised with regards to the ethics of the plastic surgeons performing this type of cosmetic surgery. There are no health concerns involved, and they are not procedures aiming to add subtle enhancement to the facial features these young women have. Instead, they are agreeing to completely change the ethnical appearance of these women at their request.

Many of the plastic surgeons who are performing these cosmetic procedures argue that they are simply helping these young women achieve what they want. They say that the women are approaching them with their minds already made up. The complications and expectations of the surgery is explained alongside the benefits that the patient can expect. It is then up to the patient to agree and sign an agreement form before any surgery is performed. For these reasons, the plastic surgeons feel there is no issue with the ethics of conducting the surgery – but for many others, they believe there is underlying issue that really needs to be addressed.

If you’re keen to discuss the cosmetic surgery procedures that can enhance your own unique, natural beauty, then I am a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with a wealth of international experience who will be more than happy to discuss your situation in detail and provide you with options. I make regular working trips to Dubai, where I operate out of the Shamma Clinic. To get in touch, simply fill out the online contact form.


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