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The tummy tuck explained

People right across the globe are trying to find ways to physically enhance their appearance, and things are no different right here in Dubai. For many, excess stomach fat is what poses the problem, and these people are searching for a solution to remove this fat and tighten the tummy  

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Why smoking and plastic surgery is a bad idea

Here in Dubai and many other parts of the United Arab Emirates, smoking is largely restricted but still allowed in certain places. It’s forbidden in government facilities and enclosed public spaces, such as shopping malls and offices. Designated smoking areas are instead put in place, and people can smoke in  

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What can you expect from facelift surgery?

A facelift procedure is a very popular cosmetic procedure that I perform on many women and men during my working visits to Dubai. When we reach a certain age, commonly within our forties, signs of aging can become more and more noticeable on our face. Signs of this facial aging  

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Breast augmentation advice for female surfers

Dubai is now recognised as a place with fantastic conditions for those keen on the idea of learning to surf. As people head down to Sunset Beach to catch some waves, it got me thinking about cosmetic surgery and how active female surfers may worry about knowing when the time  

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Alcohol before and after plastic surgery

When should I stop drinking alcohol before plastic surgery? This is a very common question that my patients often ask me.Non-Muslim residents in Dubai can obtain a liquor license to drink alcohol in their own home or in licensed venues, and tourists and visitors to the country can purchase and  

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Young women opting for cosmetic surgery to disguise ethnicity

Cosmetic surgery clinics across Dubai and the UAE are busy with patients of both genders and of all ages. Many of these patients have what they deem to be an aesthetic inadequacy that they are eagerly waiting to get fixed. Procedures include popular choices like breast augmentation, an eyelift, a  

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